iStockPhoto Worth It

On a good day I feel as happy as a koi fish that serenely glides through a pool of loose change. I have been taking photographs and selling then on iStock. While journey in selling stock photography started just a few months ago, I have happily watched my income grow.  Though I won’t ever become millionaire nor will I be able to quit my main job, this has been a significant source of income.

In fact, I’d probably be doing quite a bit better but getting my submissions uploaded has been a bit on the back burner (eep!) with all of my other projects going on. I try to make it a point to carve out time to curate my catalog, process and format the photos, and get them up.

Though I am currently only uploading to iStock, I plan to branch out into other sites in the future, as time permits. A lot of the literature on the subject recommends uploading thousands of photos and giving it about 2-3 months before anything sells.

If you shoot similar subjects as me (nature, cityscapes, and still life), then I would recommend giving iStock a go – you can make several hundred a month if you’re shooting enough photos and getting them accepted on the site.

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